The San Marino Government

The kind of government that San Marino has is a parliamentary representative democratic republic. And it said to be that San Marino is the world's oldest republic. And they are headed by the captain regent. The current captain regent of San Marino is Fabio Berardi. Executive power is used by the government of San Marino. And the Legislative power is vested by the government and the grand and general council. The Grand and General Council is a unicameral legislature. It has 60 members on it and they have their election every five years. They also approve the budget for the country and they elect also the captain regent. There are 5 judiciarie in San Marino. The law in San Marino provides fair trial and it is also independent. When it comes to their constitution, it is distributed over a number of legislative instruments. The government in San Marino may be small but they are doing good in their country.

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